A Bit About Scott Kish

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The world is in a state of constant flux and change. Growth, or change is a necessary constant for the survival of any organism, for without growth, there is an inevitable cessation of life.

Growth and development are elicited at varying speeds over an indefinite time frame. From the development of mountains, or the evolution of a nation’s people taking place over millions or billions of years, to the change in position of a frenetic thoroughbred jockeying for the lead in a stakes race, each and every organism has its own unique movement and rate of change.

The human body, in all its complexities, retains the ability to develop and change naturally over the course of one’s life. The growth of a skeletal structure, and organs that function simultaneously to sustain life, also allow us to generate simple and complex movements in order to achieve desired goals in life.

From the subconsious act of breathing to a hockey player’s break away to out maneuver a goalie through a specific sequence of quick deliberate movements, these natural motions of the body occur within us and around us constantly.

It is the energy and synergy of these movements that are celebrated in Scott’s art.